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About DUSM

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The Dominica University of Medical Sciences & School of Medicine was established in 2019 by partnering with the Government of Dominica & Dominica Medical Board. The University has met all the necessary operational criteria as stipulated by the Government of Dominica, Dominica Medical Board, National Medical Commission of India (Formerly MCI) and the World Health Organization.

The ethos of the University is grounded in the values of service, civic responsibility, and learning through the promotion of scholarship and excellence. The modern physician has to be equipped with a wide range of technical and non-technical skills to meet the ever-evolving healthcare challenges. We have been thoughtful in the development of our curriculum and our innovative teaching methods have been designed to maximize student engagement. We aim to produce well-rounded physicians with the right skills and professional attitude required for a successful career across all medical disciplines.

Our excellent teaching facilities and use of the best available technology will put our students at a unique advantage in being able to learn collaboratively and help them to develop a self-directed approach to learning and discovery.


To provide high quality medical education to the students of diverse background. DUSM aims is to reach out to the aspiring students and provide them with the necessary guidance and support to fulfil their dreams and to create awareness about the education opportunities available in the technical specialties, MBBS and other medical courses specially in Cannabis and Forensic Sciences in abroad.


To educate the students to become outstanding physicians who exhibit excellent clinical skills; embody respect for the ideals of equity, diversity, and cultural sensitivity, advocate for improvements in healthcare systems and community health, embody high standards of professional conduct, and embrace life-long learning.


We provide excellent Medical Education. This is to be accomplished within an atmosphere of Academic Integrity and Scholarship that fosters the highest standards of Professional Ethics and competence.


We see our institution as part of the community. We will work to integrate our University family into the community and help improve the social and physical well-being of all the residents. By forming partnerships with community, industry, and attracting the best faculty and students, we strive to be the premier medical education provider within the Eastern Caribbean. To provide high-quality medical education and to facilitate all aspects of professional development by building strong alliances through our established clinical placement networks locally, regionally, and Internationally.