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Message from the Dean

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students I welcome you to Dominica University of Medical Sciences and school of medicine (DUSM).

As the dean of the university, I congratulate the students on making the most difficult decision that is to serve humanity through the choice of your desired career. Our medical programs prepare our students to become leaders with the moral depth and intellectual intensity necessary to meet the challenges of a time of critical transition in society. Your academic grades will not be the sole indicator of your progress as tomorrow’s health care professionals will need more than just a traditional knowledge-based education to meet future challenges.

To become a successful health care professional, you will need to meet new challenges in an environment of collaborative learning and mutual respect as well as acquire and display various competencies, a caring perspective, and a measure of humility appropriate to help equip you as a lifelong learner. Service components in your learning will be important, formative events.

You will be involved in student-run health outreach clinics and other community clinical immersion experiences. As a student at DUSM, you will receive a dynamic and all-encompassing medical education in which your professional success is our focus. This focus informs everything we do, from admissions to curriculum design to teaching and mentoring.

Our faculty are all professionals who are passionate about their work and your success. They are eager to facilitate the successful completion of your medical education and prepare you for your career as a health care professional. Please take advantage of them and take note of the advice given to you. Everyone on the campus is delighted that you have joined us and are looking forward to get to know you to help and guide you on your journey toward becoming a well-trained health care professional.
Our best wishes for your success!!